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Progress [J-192-36] Cambodia Marketing / Banking / Translator Recruitment
  • Business Number
  • J-192-36

LocationJung-gu, Seoul City

Wages9,500 won per hour

Employment Typeregular

Number of Recruit1 person

Work TimeWed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun (09:00~17:00)

Progress [J-192-35] Looking for Native speakers or native voice actors for right pronunciations in Foreign Language Education Internet Lecture
  • Business Number
  • J-192-35

LocationGangseo-gu, Seoul City

Wages20,000~30,000 won per hour

Employment Typeregular

Number of Recruit20 persons

Work TimeAvailable fo 2~3 days of Mon~Fri ( 20hrs a week)

Progress [J-192-34] Looking for a full-time employee for a cosmetic store
  • Business Number
  • J-192-34

LocationJung-gu, Seoul City

Wages1.85 million won

Employment Typeregular

Number of Recruit3 persons

Work Timeschedule can be adjusted(40 hrs a week)

Progress [J-192-33] Looking for a travel agent(home-base)
  • Business Number
  • J-192-33

LocationSeocho-gu Seoul City

Wages15,000 won per day

Employment Typedaily basis

Number of Recruit1

Work TimeMon~Fri (19:00~24:00) / Sat(10:00~16:00)

Progress [J-192-32] Looking for Thai Translation SNS management personnel
  • Business Number
  • J-192-32

LocationGangnam-gu Seoul City

Wages8,350 won(per hour)

Employment Typereguar

Number of Recruit1

Work Time09:00~18:00 (7.5h)

Progress Thai Translation and Works Support
  • Business Number
  • 2019-11


Wagesover 1,630,000 won /month

Employment Typepermanent

Number of Recruit1

Work Time9:00-18:00 (5 days a week/37.5 hours of work in a week)

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