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Living support Living support National Basic Livelihood Security

National Basic Livelihood Security

We provide assistance for distressed families.


Those who have acquired Korean nationality, have no person with duty to support and have recognized income equal to the minimum living cost or below; or, who have acquired Korean nationality, have a person who has duty to support yet lacks the ability to support or cannot support, and have recognized income of the minimum cost of living or below

Marriage immigrants who have been registered as aliens, lack Korean nationality, and are pregnant, raising a Korean child who is a minor or live with a direct ancestor who is a Korean native

How to apply

Application may be submitted to the eup, myeon and dong with jurisdiction over the address of the resident registration.

When the place of residence is not fixed, application may be submitted to city, county (gun) or district (gu) (or eup, myeon or dong) with jurisdiction over the place of actual residence after consultation.

Documents required

Application, agreement with disclosure of financial information and the certificate of family relations
※ Documents required may vary depending on the characteristics of the individuals or households applying

Description of support

Livelihood subsidy, housing subsidy, childbirth subsidy, funeral subsidy, rehabilitation subsidy and medical subsidy

※ Contact: Community service centers of eup, myeon and dong of residence, district (gu) office or Health & Welfare Call Center ☎129

Health & Welfare Call Center

Health & Welfare Call Center promptly and accurately provides information on health and welfare, as well as counseling services. Dial 129 from anywhere in Korea.

Hours of operation : 09:00 through 18:00, weekdays (regular counseling); and 24-365 (emergency counseling)

How to use : Call 129, use sign language services or online chat services (129 website)

The information and counseling services provided by the Health & Welfare Call Center are as follows

- Basic livelihood support, medical support, healthcare support, welfare of the handicapped, social services, pension policy, childbirth support policy, emergency welfare support, mental health and healthcare policy

Health & Welfare Call Center 129