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120 Dasan Call Center

·Visit the Seoul Metropolitan Government website! www.seoul.go.kr

The Seoul Metropolitan Government website provides information in six languages (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, French and panish), and includes news on the public administration of Seoul Metropolitan Government, participation of citizens, e-administration services and administration information.

·Seek help at 120 Dasan Call Center

120 Dasan Call Center is a new public service system that integrates the various call centers of Seoul Metropolitan Government and local district (gu) offices. Counselors promptly and accurately respond to inquiries from citizens 24-365. The counseling services are available via hone, SMS, sign language, IMS and in foreign languages.

·Phone counseling service of 120 Dasan Call Center in foreign languages

- Expert counselors provide counseling services or three-party interpretation services.
This service is available in five languages(English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Mongol language)
- Hours of operation : Monday to Friday, 09:00 through 19:00
- How to use : Call 120 → Press 9 at ARS → Press the number for your language (1: English ▶ 2: Chinese ▶ 3: Japanese ▶ 4: Vietnamese ▶ 5: Mongol language)
- Counseling is available on the following : Living information, tourism information, mass transportation, three-party interpretation, etc.

120 Dasan Call Center operates the Happy Call Service for Foreigners. Counselors call foreigners once or twice a week and rovide living information and counseling services in foreign languages. Apply for the services at http://120dasan.seoul.go.kr.

※How to apply : Visit the website ▶ 120 Counseling Service ▶ Apply for Happy Call Service for Foreigners

Name of center Phone number SMS counseling Website address
Dasan 120 Call Center 120 Send SMS to 02-120 http://120dasan.seoul.go.kr

Useful contact numbers

Administrative information services Phone number Living information services Phone number
120 Dasan Call Center 120 Korea Legal Aid Center for Family Relations 1644-7077
Information center for foreigners 1345 Weather forecast 131
Organizations focusing on job seeking and business start-ups by multicultural families in Seoul 02-845-5433 Multicultural Family Support Centers/ Emergency Support Center for Migrant Women 1577-1366
Seoul Migrant Women Counseling Center 02-733-0120 Report on a power outage (Korea Electri Power Corporation) 123
Health & Welfare Call Center 129 Report on malfunction of electric installation in the house (Korea Electrical Safety Corporation) 1588-7500
Seoul Global Center 02-2075-4180 Counseling related to National Health Insurance 1577-1000
Report on suspected espionage 111 Phone number information service 114
Report of crimes and child abuse 112 World time information service 116
Emergency report on marine affairs 122 Traffic information service 1333
Emergency healthcare counseling and information on hospitals 1339 Report on environmental pollution 128
Report on fire, rescue, emergency and disasters Information on emergency healthcare services and hospitals 119 Report a problem with the water system 121
Korea Legal Aid Corporation 132 Reservation for disposal of large wastes 1599-0903
Report suspected financial fraud 1332 Korea Post service 1588-1300
Report trafficking 125 Call Center of Seoul Office of Education 1396
Report school violence and sexual violence 117 Report on gas-related accidents 1544-4500
Report suspected drugs and crimes 1301 Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center 02-338-5801
Report missing children 182 Emergence Call Line for Women 1366
National Human Rights Commission of Korea 1331 Women Migrants Human Rights Center 02-3672-7559
Government Call Center 110 Counseling related to national pension 1355
Seoul Metropolitan Counseling and Welfare Center for Youth 02-2285-1318 Information Center of Korea Tourism Organization 1330
Youth Hotline (24 hours all year round) 1388 Illegal spamming responses (KISA) 118