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Support Program Support Program Programs for Early Adaptation of Immigrants

Programs for Early Adaptation of Immigrants

This is a program to provide foreigners who intend to stay in Korea for an extended period of time with information, in their own language, on the country’s basic laws and policies, while giving them suggestions to help their social adaption in order to help them adapt to life in Korea quickly.

·Voluntary participants

Type of Stay Content
Students from overseas International students in colleges (D-2) and language courses (D-4-1)
Foreigners residing in concentrated areas Foreigners residing in areas with a concentrated foreign population
Entertainers from overseas Foreigners engaged in performance or entertainment activities at hotel business facilities and adult entertainment facilities (E-6-2)
Marriage immigrant Foreigners arriving in Korea for the first time with a short-term visa as a newly married spouse of a Korean citizen
Foreign children Underage children of a marriage immigrant who were born in overseas countries but then came to Korea to stay (F-1-52, F-2-2)

·Mandatory participants: Koreans with foreign nationality

Type of Stay Work and Visit (H-2), persons planning to apply for foreigner registration, etc. Enforcement Date
New entry Foreigner who has entered Korea for the first time on a Work and Visit visa (H-2) and intends to apply for foreigner registration. from Sep. 2014 (currently in effect)
Reentry or status change

Foreigner who has reentered with a Work and Visit visa (H-2-7) and intends to apply for foreigner registration after the Work and Visit visa (H-2) expires.

Foreigner who is already in Korea and intends to change his/her status to Work and Visit (H-2-99).

from July 2016 (due to be implemented)

※ i.e. : A person who has reentered Korea after his/her Work and Visit visa (H-2) has expired must complete the Early Adaption Program before July 1st, 2016 in order to apply for foreigner registration on July 1st, 2016.

- When to apply : It is recommended to apply before registering as an alien or within a year of entry. There's no restriction based on the length of stay in Korea.
- Go to the Social Integration Network(www.socinet.go.kr), become a member, and apply online.
- Benefits after completing the program : Participants who complete the program successfully will be allowed to extend their stay by two years, rather than by the normal term, when it is due for renewal.
- Schedule and Location of the Program
▶ Schedule : Check the Social Integration Network. The program can be completed within a visit (3 hours)
▶ Location : Early Adaptation Assistance Center (branch locations nationwide), or Immigration Office

- Contents of the program

Contents of the program