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Education system of Korea

Korea’s education system includes elementary school, middle school, high school and university. Elementary school (six years) and middle school (three years) are mandatory for all children. As they are mandatory, there is no tuition. However, parents who wish to send their children to a private elementary school or private middle school must pay tuition.

School System Age (based on actual calendar) Schools Duration
Elementary education 6 ~ 11 Elementary schools 6 years
Secondary education 12 ~ 14
15 ~ 17
Middle schools
High schools
3 years
3 years
Higher education 18 or above Universities and colleges
Graduate schools
Universities (4 years) and colleges (2 years)
2 to 5 years

Preparation for admission to elementary school

The notice of school enrollment is delivered to households with a child aged 6 in December or January via courier services, or the notice may be issued at the Seoul Metropolitan Government website. The document provides notification that the child is required to attend school. If you have not received the notice, please contact the community service center of your address. If you have received the notice but there are circumstances that make attending school difficult, you may apply to delay school enrollment by submitting the opinion of the guardian and the application to delay enrollment. School enrollment can be delayed for up to one year. An orientation session is provided to meet the children who will attend the school and provide parents and students with necessary information. Please visit the school on the date specified in the notice of school enrollment with the notice and the vaccination confirmation.

※ How to issue a notice of school enrollment online

Website of Seoul Metropolitan Government e-services forms (online) issuance