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Nae-il-bae-um Card System Nae-il-bae-um Card System Nae-il-bae-um Card System

Nae-il-bae-um Card System

A job-seeker (either never employed, or recently unemployed) is provided with a certain amount of money, so he or she can autonomously participate in training programs within the given range, during which his or her raining records are managed systematically.
The maximum subsidy given to each person is 2,000,000KRW. The money must be used within a year from the date the person receives the subsidy. Each person can receive the subsidy once before he/she is employed. When taking a training course, the government will pay 50-80% of the training costs, and the trainee 20-50%. For trainees in Type 1 of Successful Employment Package, the account limit or each trainee is 3,000,000KRW, and trainees do not need to pay any fees on their own. For trainees in Type 2 of Successful Employment Package, each trainee might need to pay 10-30% of the training costs.

Nae-il-bae-um Card System

  • ·Maximum subsidy : 2,000,000KRW per person
  • ·Expiration date : within a year from the date
  • ·Number of issues : Only once before he/she is employed
  • ·Training costs : 50~80% - government , 20~50% - trainee

If you are a trainee, you can view more details about the courses and deductibles at Ministry of Employment and Labor’s website(http://www.hrd.go.kr), or call 1350.

To be eligible, you must be unemployed (either never employed or recently unemployed). To open up an account, you need to visit the Employment Center for your domicile. For more information, visit our website(http://www.hrd.go.kr), or call 1588-1919 [extension: 1].

If your remaining balance is smaller than the government subsidy limit for the course you are hoping to enroll yourself in, you will not be able to take the course. Even if the payment goes through, you will be rejected after viewing the HRD-net. Your account will expire 1 year from the date of issue. The date of issue is defined as the date the Employment Support Center decided to issue the account. After the expiration date, the remaining balance will disappear. However, the virtual account will remain so you can view and manage your training history.