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Working hours

  • · Working hours by law are eight hours a day and 40 hours per week, excluding rest hours. Overtime hours must not exceed 12 hours a week, even when overtime bonuses are paid.

    ※ Women who have given birth within the previous year shall not be required to work overtime in excess of 2 hours per day, 6 hours per week and 150 hours per year, and pregnant workers shall not work overtime.

  • · Women who are 18 or older shall agree with the terms to work on holidays or nights (20:00 through 06:00).
  • · An additional 50% of the regular wage or more is provided for working overtime, nighttime and on holidays.
  • · Rest hours are 30 minutes per four hours of work, and one hour per eight hours of work.

Working hours by law


  • · Wages shall be fully paid in cash at least once a month on the fixed date. When a worker requests advance payment of wages due to emergencies, the employer shall provide the wage for the services that have been already provided.
  • · Overdue wages may be reported to the local labor authorities or handled through civil proceedings. A worker with a monthly average wage below KRW 4 million for the last three months from the date of overdue may seek the legal services of Korea Legal Aid Corporation.

The minimum wage in 2016 KRW 6,030