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Seoul Metropolitan Government operates customized policies to strengthen the competencies of marriage immigrants, provide educational support for multicultural children, promote healthy relations in multicultural families and aid in the development of the healthy multicultural society by strengthening the self-support capacities of Korea’s continuously growing multicultural families.

Name of program Description of program Department in charge Phone number

Development of the safety net for multicultural families

  • - Operation of counseling center and temporary shelter for marriage immigrants in Seoul
  • - Professional, comprehensive counseling services for multicultural families and support for victims of violence
Women's Family Policy Office Foreigner and Multicultural Department


Exclusive Window

Operation of protection and rehabilitation support facilities for marriage immigrants

  • - Provision of shelters, emergency protection and various counseling services for marriage immigrants and their children who are victims of domestic violence or forced prostitution
Women's Family Policy Office Foreigner and Multicultural Department

02-2133-5010(Domestic Violence)
02-2133-5036(Sexual Violence)

Operation of daycare centers for multicultural children

  • - Designation and support for integrated childcare centers of Seoul Metropolitan Government, among daycare centers for multicultural children
Women's Family Policy Office Child Care and Family Center


Visiting classes for multicultural children

  • - Multicultural family and children of foreign residents (2 ~ 12 years old)
  • - Study visits for Korean language and school subjects (choose from Korean, English, math, social study or science) and psychological tests
Women's Family Policy Office Foreigner and Multicultural Department


Operation of special programs for multicultural family support

  • - Supporting the stable settlement of Multi-cultural Families through various programs such as; Children of Multicultural Families’ Growth, Improvement of Family Relationship, and Strengthening of Abilities & Multi-cultural Awareness Program
Women's Family Policy Office Foreigner and Multicultural Department


Medical support for the isolated, including foreign workers

  • - Medical support for the isolated, including immigrant workers
  • - Medical interpretation and nursing services
Citizen Health Bureau Health Care Policy Section


Support for acquisition of diplomas by multicultural families

  • - Special screening for multicultural children in rolling admission of University of Seoul
Seoul City University Admission Office


120 Dasan Call Center counseling services in foreign languages

  • - Counseling services in foreign languages
  • - Happy Call Service for foreigners
Citizen's Communication Planner Office Citizen's Volunteer Service Department


Support for communities of foreigners and multicultural families

  • - Support for cultural events of foreigners’ communities
  • - Support for self-support communities of Multicultural Family Support Centers
  • - Support for parents’ communities consisting of multicultural parents and native Korean parents of students
Multicultural Affairs Division



Operation of centers to eliminate inconveniences in daily life for foreigners

  • - Organization and operation of the monitoring group to eliminate inconveniences and make improvements from the foreigners’ perspective
Multicultural Affairs Division


Education for Multicultural Understanding

  • - Target: preschools and elementary/middle/high schools in Seoul (or their students)
  • - Time: throughout the year (excluding vacation periods)
  • - How: Instructors from various countries (51 instructors from 40 countries) will visit the school to teach children.
  • - Contents: the concept of multiculturalism will be introduced, and students will engage in related activities.
Multicultural Affairs Division


Online/Offline Provision of Living Information (Hanultari webpage, app and booklets)

  • - Hanultari webpage for multicultural families in Seoul(www.mcfamily.or.kr)
  • - ‘My Seoul,’ a smartphone application for multicultural families (in 11 languages)
  • - Booklets for multicultural families that introduce general living information (11 languages, 10,000 issues)
Multicultural Affairs Division


Soccer Club for Youth

  • - Soccer Lesson for the Children of Multi-cultural Families (5~12 years old)
  • - Application available from FC Seoul website (www.fcseoul.com) and Hanultari website (www.mcfamily.or.kr)
Multicultural Affairs Division


Educational Guidance for Immigrant/ Multicultural Children

  • - Consultation for immigrating teenagers and their parents regarding entrance to advanced schools
  • - On-site college entrance consultation for students from multicultural families
Multicultural Affairs Division



Scholarship, Mass Wedding Ceremony and Global Activities for Multicultural Families

  • - Assistance for stable living and social integration of multicultural families, in cooperation with Woori Multicultural Scholarship Foundation
  • - Scholarship for children from low-income multicultural families and female marriage immigrants
  • - Assistance with wedding ceremony, wedding photos, wedding reception and honeymoon for low-income multicultural couples
  • - Global cultural experience opportunities for children from multicultural families
Multicultural Affairs Division



Multi-Happiness Classes

  • - Experience-based education for multicultural families related to finance, investments, crime prevention, driver’s license, police station visit, self-defense and legal education/consultation
Multicultural Affairs Division


Pre/Postpartum Care Service for Multicultural Families

  • - Culturally customized pre/postpartum care services (pregnancy, delivery and parenting) for multicultural families
  • - Health education, pre/postpartum counseling for female marriage immigrants, maternal examination and pregnancy education
Multicultural Affairs Division