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Multicultural family support centers Multicultural family support centers Multicultural family support centers

Multicultural family support centers

Multicultural family support centers are organizations established to help marriage immigrants and their families to enjoy a stable life in Korea. Diverse and comprehensive services are being provided at 24 multicultural family support centers (excluding Seocho-gu).

·Korean Language Education

Providing phased Korean language education for marriage immigrants and immigrating children to help them learn basic Korean and understand Korean culture.

·Operating programs in 6 major areas, including family, gender equality, human rights, social integration, counseling, and promotion & resource integration.

- Program for bilingual families
- Spouse/marriage education
- Understanding multiculturalism and human rights sensitivity education
- Basic preparation for employment and multicultural family volunteer group
- Family counseling, case management, and emergency support for families in crisis

·Educational Visits (One-on-One)

- Korean Language Education Service : for marriage immigrants and immigrating children (under 19) who have lived in Korea for less than 5 years.
- Parenting Education Service : phased parenting education and family counseling for marriage immigrants with children under 12.
- Children’s Life Service : life assistance service for children (3-12 years old) from multicultural families.

※ Paid service: sliding scale based on income level

·Language development assistance of children from multicultural families

- Korean language evaluation, promotion and parent counseling for multicultural children under 12.

·Translation and interpretation services for marriage immigrants

- Translation and interpretation services for marriage immigrants who have recently moved to Korea and have communication problems

Information on multicultural family support centers of Seoul

·Each self-governed district (gu) of Seoul operates diverse programs. Refer to the information on centers below, and contact the center via phone or visit it in person.

Name of dstrict Address Phone number Language service
Dongdaemun-gu 7F, Dasarang Haengbok Center, 521, Gyeongye-ro 02-957-1073 Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mongolian
Seongbuk-gu Anam-ro 145 Goreo University Lyceum #102 02-3290-1660 Vietnamese, Cambodian
Yeongdeungpo -gu Seoul base center 4F, 24-5, Yeongdeungpo-ro 84-gil Singil Social Welfare Center 02-846-5432 Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian
Dongjak-gu 3F, 63-26, Dongjak-daero 29-gil 02-599-3260 Chinese, Vietnamese
Jungnang-gu 369, Yongmasan-gil (62-2, Myeonmok-dong) 02-435-4149 Vietnamese
Songpa-gu 12, Macheon-ro 41-gil 02-403-3844 Vietnamese
Gangseo-gu 4F, Gomdallae Culture Welfare Center,50, Gangseo-ro 5-gil 02-2606-2037 Vietnamese
Guro-gu 50, Digital-ro 32ga-gil 02-869-0317 Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian
Geumcheon-gu 40, Geumha-ro, 11-gil, Sigeungbon-dong Community Center 02-803-7743 Vietnamese
Gwanak-gu 3rd Floor Nampa Kim Nam-jun Memorial Hall, Sillim-ro 3-gil 35 Gwanak-gu 02-883-9383 Vietnamese
Gangdong-gu 2F, 41, Yangjae-daero 138-gil 02-473-4986 Vietnamese
Nowon-gu Gaon Bldg, 4F, 94, Dongil-ro 173ga-gil 02-979-3502 Vietnamese
Jongno-gu 2F, Dongbu Women Culture Center, 124, Changsin-gil 02-764-3521 Vietnamese
Gwangjin-gu 2F, 23, Neungdong-ro 30-gil 02-458-0666 Chinese
Gangbuk-gu 4F, Gangbuk Women Childcare Information Center, 9, Insubong-ro 66-gil 02-945-7381 Vietnamese
Eunpyeong-gu 3F, Kimdonggyu Bldg., 174, Seooreung-ro 02-376-3731 Vietnamese
Seodaemun-gu 244, Jeungga-ro 02-375-7530 Vietnamese
Mapo-gu Holt 3rd Floor, Yanhhwa-ro 19 Mapo-gu 02-3142-5027 Vietnamese
Gangnam-gu 4F, 617-8, Gaepo-ro 02-3414-3346 Chinese
Seongdong-gu 9, Muhak-ro 6-gil 02-3395-9445 Vietnamese
Dobong-gu 1st Basement, Dobong-gu Office Hall, 656, Madeul-ro 02-990-5432 Vietnamese
Yangcheon-gu 5-7F, Nambusunhwan-ro 88-gil 02-2699-6900 Vietnamese
Yongsan-gu 3F, Hannam Public Parking Lot, 224-19, Itaewon-ro 02-792-9174 Vietnamese
Jung-gu 10th Floor Twegye-ro 460 Jung-gu 02-2254-3670 Mongolian